In 1955, Baton Rouge had two active chapters of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.:  Alpha Tau at Southern University and Upsilon Sigma, a graduate chapter based in South Baton Rouge. Several sorors in the Southern University/Scotlandville area maintained active membership status with Upsilon Sigma. Because of the considerable distance to be traveled to meetings and other activities plus the scarcity of cars among women at this time, the sorors could not be as active as they desired. Many sorors who joined the faculty at Southern University could not be active participants at all.  Consequently, in 1955 several sorors began a movement to establish another chapter in the North Baton Rouge community to: (1) focus on projects in the immediate community and (2) provide advisors for Alpha Tau in the development of its programs.

Sorors Theresa Rice Love, Euloise Shamberger Chatman, and Francis Holt Austin were among those who met several times with Corrine D. Maybuce (then Southwest Regional Director), and Virtle T. Jones (then president of Upsilon Sigma) to make application for the chartering of this new chapter.

In 1956, the Epsilon Xi Sigma Chapter of Baton Rouge, LA was organized. Soror Theresa Rice Love was selected as the first President. Since that time, all presidents and their cabinets have ably carried on the work of the chapter and the Sorority as changes and expansions have taken place in the world and the local community.

The chapter's designation was later changed to Baton Rouge Sigma Alumnae as the Sorority grew to meet the demands of the communities where Delta work was needed. Alumnae chapters were then designated by city.

In 1964, the chapter undertook its first membership intake process, realizing that there were outstanding women in the community who could make valuable contributions. Thus, the first four women to be ?born? in the chapter were: Dorothy E. Davis, Mary Ann Petties Johnson, Olivia G. Harris, and Helen M. Gist. Since that time, 296 women have been initiated into the chapter in twelve membership intake procedures. Three members have served the Blazing Southwest Region with distinction as Regional Director.  Additionally, the chapter proudly and successfully hosted the 27th Southwest Regional Conference in 1978 as well as the 37th Conference in 1999. 

Audrey Nabors Jackson

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